Types of Plumbing Pumps in Vacaville, CA

A pipe that can benefit from a plumbing pump.

Help with Plumbing Pumps

There are multiple types of plumbing pumps that may be needed when it comes to certain jobs. Each of them has a special purpose, and some of them can even be used for multiple things. You may know about some of them, but you still should refrain from using them by yourself when you have problems with your plumbing. Instead, you should call us at Advanced Plumbing Heating & Air, so we can help you out of a serious situation, or handle things in a professional manner. We will be able to tell you exactly how and when to use them, so you can hopefully prevent damage to certain areas of your home or property.

We have a background in plumbing and air conditioner repair, and we can aid you today. Look to us when you are in need of services involving a plumbing pump in Vacaville, CA. You can call us at 707-446-1800 for further details.

Types of Pumps

There are two types of pumps, those that can be submerged, and those that cannot. The ones that are unable to be submersed are called non-submersible pumps. They usually sit on places that are dry and pump water through a system, such as a plumbing system. They are easy to maintain but should still be installed by an expert.

Submersible Pumps

The other types of pumps are known as submersible pumps, and there are a few different kinds.  One type is the sump pump, which some people have in their homes if they are at risk for flooding. This is generally truer for older buildings and can be quite useful. Another type is a sewage ejection pump, which does exactly what it sounds like. It connects to your septic tank and helps get waste to a proper area. They are also designed to keep a sewer drain from becoming backed up. This would not be a good thing in any circumstance. The other kind of submersible pump is a transfer pump. You can use this to transfer water from place to place. For example, if there was too much water in a certain area and it needed to be moved, a transfer pump could take it a better area. Get help with a plumbing pump in Vacaville, CA by contacting us today.

A sump pump installed in a basement of a home with a water powered backup system.

We Have Experience with All Types of Pumps

If you feel like you need one of these types of plumbing pump installed in your home, we can assist you with that. It is much better to have one and not need it than not have one when you really could have benefited from one. We have no problems talking to you about the pros and cons of each type and can discuss whether your space is suited for one. We also have these pumps available to use, in case your plumbing system gives you problems. We are able to fix issues with the main water lines, sewer lines, and much more. Moreover, we can be reached in an emergency situation, which is when you may need us the most.

Don’t delay when you need us to fix your pipes. Advanced Plumbing Heating & Air can be your trusted source for services related to plumbing pump in Vacaville, CA. We don’t want you to have issues that can mess up your life and cause you stress. Let us help you right when you need it. Call us at 707-446-1800, 7 days a week for service and advice.