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Why is my electric heat not working?

How do I know if my heater is broken? It may be sunny in Southern California, but in the middle of California, it can get pretty chilly during the winter, meaning a working heater is necessary. So, what can be worse than to get home after work or wake up in the middle of the night and the electric heat for household isn’t working? Seems like electric heat repair is always needed at the most inopportune times. Here are three ways to know if your heater is malfunctioning and you may need to schedule electric heat repair, sooner than later: No Heat: Yeah, the most obvious of all , but no heat doesn’t automatically mean the heater is broken. Rule the following things out before you determine that professional electric heat repair is needed:

  • Check the circuit box for a flipped breaker.

  • Check the rest of your house for indication there may have been a power surge.

  • Check that the heater is properly connected to the power source.

  • Check the thermostat setting.

Only after you have ruled all these things are in proper order, then scheduling professional electric heat repair is needed.

  • Loud and Unusual Sounds: A modern heater shouldn’t have any loud or unusual noises. The better quality the heater, the quieter it will be. So, it should be easy to determine your heater is making noises that aren’t normal. Some possible issues with a noisy heater like clanging sounds can indicate a broken fan belt or a rumbling sound is often an indication of overheating. Regardless the sound you’re hearing, scheduling a professional electric heater repair service call is recommended.

  • Increased Utility Bills: Yes, the utility bills will have an increase with the seasons, but you should notice an unusual increase. When you see an unexpectedly high spike, schedule an electric heat repair with a professional. They can inspect the unit, do any basic maintenance, and advise you if there is any major issues that need attention.

Is electric heat is supposed to glow red?

Yes, the element inside the electric heater will turn red as the electric heat with thermostat reaches the desired thermostat heating and the metal around the element heats up. This is typical with a higher wattage model heater. With that wattage choice, you can choose the size of wattage needed for the size of space you’re heating. The recommended wattage is ten watts for every square foot of area to be in the room.

How do I fix my heater that won’t turn on?

Is your electric heating isn’t working, and you’re wondering, “How do I fix my heater?”, the following troubleshooting tips could be the do-it-yourself fix that will keep you from calling for a professional electric heat repair:

  1. Check the Air Filter – An extremely dirty filter can block the airflow. Change or clean the HVAC filter. This should be done every 30 days.

  2. The System Is Turned On – Check the power switch on the unit is on. Open the electric panel door and make sure the breaker is in the “on” position.

  3. Check the Thermostat – Check the thermostat setting is in “auto” and “heat” position and set the temperature at the highest setting. Wait for a few minutes to see if that turns the heater on. If he does, then set the thermostat where you desire.

  4. Check the Pilot Light – If the pilot light is dirty or dust is a common reason that professional electric heat company are called. However you may be able to fix this yourself. Turn the power off and if your heater is powered by natural gas, turn the gas off. Locate the pilot light and with medium sandpaper, gently and thoroughly clean the pilot light. Now close the panel and restore the power, then turn the heater on.

  5. Check the Gas Flow – If the furnace is gas powered and still doesn’t start, make sure the unit is getting gas and the gas valve is in the “on” position.

Which is more effective, electric heat vs space heater?

An electric space heater is portable so it can be moved around where needed and distributes heat in a small area. A central heater can be electrical, or gas powered. Electricity is more expensive than gas, making it the least economic choice. The benefit with an electric space heater, it can be used only when needed, and the space heaters today come in different wattages.

Regardless which power source of heat you choose to use, safety should always be a concern. Using any type of heating system while it is malfunctioning is not recommended.

If your heating system isn’t working correct, never hesitate to call a professional gas or electric heat repair service. When using a portable electric heater, if it isn’t working, do not use it! This needs to be returned to the manufacturer for repair or replacement. Need help with your electric heater in Vacaville, CA? Call 707-446-1800 today!

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