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How Do You Hook a Generator to Your House?

Get the Right Generator for You There are many reasons why you may need a power generator at your house. Perhaps your power goes out from time to time unexpectedly, or you have possessions that need a reliable source of power at all times. Regardless of your reasons, it is important to know how to hook a generator up at your house, and other information pertaining to the use of a home generator. Read this article for details on owning and using this type of machine.

Basics Everyone Should Know About Home Generators

Here are home generator basics that everyone should be aware of.

  • You need to know what you’ll want to power. You need to know what appliances you’ll want to power with your generator to know what size you will need for your home. For example, if you want to keep your fridge running, but also want to be able to use your air conditioner, you’ll need to know how many watts these things use normally. This can help you make a better decision on the model you want.

  • There are different types of generators. There are numerous types of generators, including ones that are placed beside your home, portable models, inverter generators, and power stations. Many people get confused when it comes to home generator vs inverter. Inverters are more expensive than regular portable units are and give off fewer emissions. This makes them safer overall.

  • Pay attention to the features available. You need to pay attention to the features that different models offer. These can end up helping you over time. For example, some give off less carbon monoxide or have automatic features that can come in handy. Others may be able to use different types of fuels as well. Take the time to read everything you can before you make a decision on an investment like this.

  • Research transfer switches. A transfer switch is necessary, regardless of what type of generator you want to use. You should have it installed by a professional to make sure that it works when you need it to. Talk to your regular contractor about what this process involves.

What size generator is needed to power a house?

A generator that is around 7500 watts should be able to power a few appliances at once, where you can keep the most important things you will need working during a power outage. There are units that are more powerful available as well. If you don’t intend to use many products with your generator, you can choose one that produces less power, closer to 5000 watts.

Can you plug a generator into a house outlet?

You should not plug a Power generator into a house outlet. They should not be built into your circuit breaker system either. For the best outcome, they should be installed by a professional through what is known as a two-way transfer switch.

Do I need a transfer switch for my generator?

If you want a large generator hooked up to your house, it is likely you will need a transfer switch. When it comes to a home generator and transfer switch, they go hand in hand. You will need one to get your generator to bring power into your house. They can be costly though, but they also come with other advantages, which may cancel out their purchase price.

How many feet should a generator be from the house?

Your generator should be at least 15 feet away from your house if it is an emergency or portable generator. If you have a generator hooked up to your house, you can talk to the professional that installed it to make sure that it is the proper distance from the home.

Can you run a generator overnight?

You will need to understand the specifications of your machine to know how long it is safe to run a generator at one time. Many models are only able to run for a certain number of hours before they should be shut down, often 6-8 hours. After that time, they need to turned off, so they can rest. If they run too long, it can wear out their parts quicker.

Call Us With Generator Questions Now that you know all the major aspects of owning a power generator, you have a better chance of making an informed decision about the one you want for your home. When it comes to home generator efficiency, there are so many models that you can count on, so it may take time to find one that works best for your needs. This is why it is so important to enlist an expert to talk to you about this type of appliance and when it comes to installing it. We can help with this at Advanced Plumbing Heating & Air. We work with generators for home use and can help provide a power generator in Vacaville, CA. Call us at 707-446-1800 for a consultation, and so you can hear our advice.

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