Slab Leak Repair

A pipe that was sitting under a slab.

Slab Leaks are Nothing to Mess With

If you have a slab leak, this is something that needs to be looked at as soon as you see it. This means that there could be a leak under the foundation of your house. In other words, it is an issue that can cause you a lot of headache and require costly repairs. You may not even be aware that a slab can start to leak. If this is the case, you need our help at Advanced Plumbing Heating & Air. We are a plumbing service that is qualified to handle slab leak repair in Vacaville, CA.

We want to offer you the support you need when it comes to this issue, so give us a call to alert us that you want us to help. We have a long history of fixing plumbing problems in the area, so we have quite a reputation. Give us a call at 707-446-1800 for more information.

Things to Take Note of

A few things may start to happen if there is a leak underneath your slab. The most obvious signs are if there are puddles that show up in your yard, especially if there is more than one and there has been no rain in recent days. Another sign is that you may see cracks in the foundation or other areas of concrete around your yard. Pay special attention if you start to see mold in small spots inside your home, since a leak may be concentrated to a certain room or area. Listen for sounds that water is moving when it shouldn’t be as well. When faucets aren’t on, water should not be going through your pipes. If it sounds like it still is, this means you aren’t necessarily the cause.

When to Call for Help

If you see any of the things mentioned above or if you start receiving high water bills and can’t figure out why it may be time to call a professional. They will be able to come to take a look at the pipes underneath your slab, to figure out if you need a slab leak repair in Vacaville, CA. If you do, the concrete will have to be broken up, so that a crew can fix the pipes underneath. In some cases, a whole repiping will be in order, and in other cases, it can be an easy fix. It may just take one or two replacement pipes or joints to get everything working like new again. After the repairs are done, new concrete can be placed just like before and left to dry.

We Can Aid You with All Lines

Besides just being able to service the lines that are underneath your home, we can fix line problems all over your house. This includes gas, water, and sewer lines, so it may make sense for us to look at all your pipes, so we can replace any and all that need a bit of an upgrade. No one wants their whole system to break down, and it is hard to know what your pipes look like, if they haven’t been examined. It is important to have them looked at every now and then for this reason.

A slab that is leaking and needs repair.

Use Us as Your Preferred Plumber

Anytime you need your pipes repaired or replaced, we are just a phone call away. We want to help you today, before you have issues with mold and flooding. Let us keep your house dry and safe. We always work as hard as we can on slab leak repair in Vacaville, CA. Let Advanced Plumbing Heating & Air become your go-to plumber, and we can keep your HVAC system covered too. We offer a full range of services, which cover pretty much all the rooms in your home.

Call us at 707-446-1800 to find out how we can address damage under your slab and stop the leaks before they become a larger problem. We are able to help every day, so call us now!