Garbage Disposal Repair / Install

A new garbage disposal underneath a sink.

Fix Your Garbage Disposal

Although many of us have a garbage disposal at home, not everyone knows how to use it. There are certain things that can or cannot be placed in it, and every now and then, you may end up putting something in there that doesn’t go. This is when a problem can occur and you need to call us to help you out. We are Advanced Plumbing Heating & Air and are an experienced plumbing company. We know our way around a garbage disposal, so we can fix yours or install one in your home. We are a great resource for garbage disposal repair in Vacaville, CA.

If you notice that your garbage disposal isn’t doing its job, give us a call to see what we can do. We handle all of our calls quickly and respectfully. Call 707-446-1800 to see for yourself.

Possible Problems

There are a few ways that a garbage disposal can become damaged but the most common way is that something like silverware was put in one. This can damage not only your silverware but also your garbage disposal. There are foods that shouldn’t be placed in it as well, like overly greasy foods or things that are hard to break down. Additionally, a garbage disposal may become clogged or back up into your sink for a few reasons. Regardless of why yours isn’t working right, you can trust us to fix it for you. Many jobs with garbage disposal repair in Vacaville, CA won’t take a long time, but you also shouldn’t attempt them yourself, unless you are skilled at repairs of this type. You don’t want to end up hurting yourself or damaging your sink in the process. It is better to let your plumber worry about it, since they have probably seen garbage disposal problems of all types, and know just what to do.

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We Work on New and Old Models

A garbage disposal is a very handy tool, but it must be used properly. When it isn’t, it can lead to large problems happening in your kitchen. There can be water or sewage backups, which are very unpleasant. You don’t want to have to deal with this, especially when you are trying to keep everything clean and sanitary. Instead of ignoring this issue, give us a call to help you out with this. We can replace old models, fix new models, and show you exactly how to use the one that you have. There’s no judgment either; we know everyone can have an off day.

Be sure to call Advanced Plumbing Heating & Air for garbage disposal repair in Vacaville, CA. We are here to help you. Call us now at 707-446-1800 to set up an appointment. We’d like to come to see your kitchen in person!