Heater Parts Replacement in Vacaville, CA

heater parts replacement

Stay Warm in Winter

Imagine having to shiver in your house because your heater doesn’t work. This is a reality for some, and they have to come up with imaginative ways to stay warm indoors. You don’t have to do this however. There is help out there, so you can get your heater working quickly. All you have to do is rely on a professional company to fix it up for you.

It may be hard to find a place to choose, but if you look at how much experience we have in the business at Advanced Plumbing Heating & Air, you’ll understand that you can count on us. We have over 30 years of experience, and are available for heater parts replacement in Vacaville, CA. Call us at 707-446-1800 to hear more.

We Have the Parts You Need

If you already know that you need parts for your heater, there is a good chance that we have them or are able to get them. We are ready with the parts you need, whether they are common or not. We can also install them for you, so you don’t have to worry about doing that job yourself. We are licensed to work on HVAC systems, and we pay attention to details. We won’t leave your house without both parties being satisfied with the work that took place.

Replacing Your Heater

If you do need a new heater, where replacement parts will not help you much, we will make sure that is the only solution before we recommend that’s what you do. We know it can be a big decision to have to buy a new heater, so we always try to fix a unit before we just say that you need to have it replaced. This is not a policy that is adopted by everyone that performs jobs with heater parts replacement Vacaville, CA. At the same time, we may also suggest that a heater be replaced if it is clear that your model is too old. Many changes in laws have been enacted in CA, so there are machines that are better for the environment and will not let dirty air into your home. At certain times, we will recommend you get a new heater for these reasons, and because these machines are quite efficient. They can save you money.

Simple Solutions

We will work on all types of heaters, no matter if they are gas or electric. We also provide plumbing services, so we can make sure that gas lines are running well if you have gas appliances. These can cause your furnace to act up, and is something that must be ruled out. We are also able to clean these machines for you, if this hasn’t been done in a while. It is something that needs to be performed sometimes, as it can be a fire hazard and cause a machine to misbehave. If you want to set up a maintenance schedule with us to prevent future problems, we will set that up when we visit. It is a good idea to have your heater looked at before the winter comes each year, so you can count on being able to turn on the switch and it work just like it should.

Emergency Issues

If you need your heater worked on in an emergency situation, we will be there when you call. We are on call 7 days a week, and will come to the rescue to look at your heater. We have parts available to work on it right away, and we can make sure it is safe until we are able to get it fixed up all the way. If it isn’t, we will be quite honest about what the risks are and what to expect. We are always concerned about your family’s safety.

A new red valve on a heater.

Contact Us for All Heater Parts

If you need an expert to look at your heater, you should not wait to address this. It needs to be handled before winter comes, so you aren’t left in the cold. We want to help you with this, and we fix heaters of all types. Advanced Plumbing Heating & Air is able to source heater parts when you need them, or we can install new machines, if that is what the situation warrants.

We are a trusted place when it comes to heater parts replacement in Vacaville, CA. Call us today at 707-446-1800 to get the help you require. We are ready to talk to you about how we can fix your heater and tell you about other services for your HVAC system too.